Ursal, et al.

imageFrom L-R: Bebegurl Bianca, Bebemamang Icing, Dr. Formantes, me, Bebegurl Jhoey, and Bebeboy Carlo.

So, I’m back to blogging about school! Well, ‘cause school just started. Anyway, my group’s thesis was chosen to represent University of East - College of Dentistry in this year’s International Association for Dental Research - Southeast Asia competition.

Our thesis is entitled Calamansi-Honey-Sodium Bicarbonate (CHSB) paste facilitates Extraction Wound Healing in Wistar Rats. We have proved that CHSB paste significantly hastens fibroblast and collagen synthesis and is bacteriostatic! Thus, significantly hastens extraction wound healing.


My business attire! Red blazer for UE. LOL.



We didn’t win the competition but it was all worth the stress because of the bond our thesis group have made with our awesome associate dean, Dr. Blesilda K. Formantes, throughout the entire process! We got to know how kulit, funny, smart, and nice she is. Huhu, I love her so much! We also got to bond with Dr. Esquillo! <3

imageBut despite our loss, I know that we deserved the win, but you can’t have it all, you know. Being the prettiest there and having the nicest poster and table clinic is, like, too much they couldn’t handle it. Hahaha :P Sorry, confident.

I don’t intend to bash the winner (Banana leaf which was autoclaved and treated with epinephrine as retraction cord) but, any thread autoclaved and treated with epinephrine could be used as a retraction cord. Threads are even more accessible than a banana tree. I mean, yeah, it’s a good research, but let’s be realistic, if you want something really innovative, this is not the way to go. Or maybe I’m wrong. Whatever. Just saying, hahaha, competitive e. Not good at being sport, sorry. Nevertheless, congratulations!

Soooo, this is what I wore when I officially moved in to my dorm. Yay me! And wish me luck, guys.

Anywaaaay, is this skort cute or what! I’ve hoarded this since 6th grade (yes, you heard that right! Lol!), so approximately 10 years. But I’ve had this since 3rd grade but it was too loose to wear. Haha, so yeah. I’ve waited long enough to see this trend and be able to wear it again. And I chose to wear it on my last summer break hurrah. Talk about patience. Haha.

Whachu guys think about using childhood clothes?

Tell the World I’m Coming Home

I kinda wore this to two occasions. First is when I transferred things to my new home, and second is during Ate Monique and Kenneth’s thanksgiving dinner. What I love about this outfit is how laid-back and charming it looks. The denim long-sleeves made it laid-back, perfect for moving in. Heck, I don’t wanna freak out my neighbors by being overdressed while moving in. Haha.

I wasn’t wearing my long-sleeves most of the thanksgiving duration to make me sorta blend in the event. But honestly, I wouldn’t be wearing this for this occasion if I weren’t in a rush all day. Nonetheless, it still worked! :)


Feeling extra pink and flowery when I wore this to Tito Mon’s (my boyfriend’s dad) birthday dinner!

Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines
First beach trip with the boyfriend, yay! Haha

Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines

Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines
Best experience yet!

Nasugbu and Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines

And this is why I love this country.

The Grass and That Floral Dress

Wore this to a video shoot for our organization’s avp. Well, partly wore. I kinda wore a lot of clothes that day.Here’s another version of that outfit.
So yeah, meet my awesome immediate DHT family (don’t ask, haha).

Sunbird part dos

So this is how I styled the top casually and lunch date ready!

Perfectly Winged

What I wore to a morning meeting. :)



jeans shorts


The Wind is Howling

imageThis is what I hate when I wear a neat ponytail, the wind just blows everything away my face making me look just awful. Haha. Anyway, this is what I wore yesterday to run some errands, attend a meeting, go to an impromptu dinner with Monarch’s friends, and go searching for some macaron in Tomas Morato. Haha.


See what I mean about the wind and my hair and face? Haha.


More than Fine

This dress is my current obsession! It’s so cute, sexy, and comfortable! I can’t believe I hoarded this in my closet for a year! Raping it till one of the buttons gets lost!